SUPERFIX Granite Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Cement based , single component, polymer additives,flexible,high performance, reduced sliding feature , extended open time ,improved water tightness and stability is adhesion mortar.

UGX41,000 UGX42,000

Areas of Using :

İndoors and outdoors , horizontal and vertical surfaces , large-sized floor and wall tiles , granite, granite ceramic ,marble , clinker , furnishing of all kinds stone pavement , businesses are exposed to heavy pedestrian traffic,shopping centers,schools and hospitals like these spaces . Floor heating systems , Ceramic coating on the old granite and marble surfaces. Mosaic glass used for bond ing.

Advantages :

Flexible and strong adhesion. Water and frost resistant.Not affected by temperature changes. High stability , does not sag at vertical applications. From top-down floor provides.

Preparation of Surface :

It must be ensured that the application surface cured. should be cleaned from dust, oil, paint ,silicone ,curing agent and detergent such as anti-stick materials.it is necessary to wet and provided to remain moist . If the surface is too water-absorbent , it should be applied after taking a primer.

Preparation of Mortar :

25 kg ” ALFILL SUPERFIX Granite Ceramic Tile Adhesive ‘’ joining into approximately 6-7 lt clear water, preferably mixed with the low speed mixer or trowel until homogenous. The prepared mortar is rest of 5-10 minutes for the maturation and re-mixing and used. In pot the mix should be consumed within 2 – 2,5 hours.

Application İnformation :

At firstly , pressed adhesive mortar strongly on the application surface , create contact layer and then selected the appropriate size of tile with a notched trowel the product dredged . Adhesive mortar should be provided to contact at least 80 % backside of the ceramic . According to used floor plates and the smoothness of the ground if necessary , be preferred ‘’ Double Sided Adhesive Method ‘’ , should be lead both backside of ceramic and on the ground and should be determine the plates , being perpendicular carding direction to each other . To provide good adhesion , with the help of a rubber hammer applying force , you should bond.

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