TAMIRFIL – Repair Mortar

Cement-based , single component , polymer and fiber-reinforced thin or thick aggregate surface repair and recension mortar .


UGX27,500 UGX28,000

Areas of Using :

İnterior and exterior. Restorations,repair of concrete and prefabricated concrete elements. Wall and ceiling plaster smoothing and repair. Prior to paint ,ceramic coating and insulation,is used to have a smooth and firm surface . ALFIL TAMIRFIL Repair Mortar (thin) until 5 mm is suitable for static (stationary )cracks . ALFIL TAMIRFIL Repair Mortar (thick) untill 30mm is suitable for static (stationary) cracks .

Advantages :

Cracking and dust does not. Easy apply. Dry quickly ,it allows use in a short time.Provide high adhesion uncoated.Water and frost resistant. Provide smooth finish on concrete surfaces. Optionally it produced thin and thick aggregate.

Preparation of Surface :

It must be ensured that the application surface cured. . should be cleaned from dust, oil, paint ,silicone ,curing agent and detergent such as materials which prevent adhesion.it is necessary to wet and provided to remain moist.

Preparation of Mortar :

25 kg. ”ALFILL TAMIRFIL Repair Mortar ” joining into approximately 5-6 lt (thick nearly 4,5-5 lt) clear water, preferably mixed with the low speed mixer or trowel until homogenous. The prepared mortar is rest of 5-10 minutes for the maturation and re-mixing and used. In pot the mix should be consumed within 30 minutes.

Application İnformation :

Repair Mortar applied with the helping a trowel to  torn,cracked,broken areas on the surface . “ALFILL TAMIRFIL Repair Mortar’’ Thin can be applied between 1-5 mm thick . “ALFILL TAMIRFIL Repair Mortar ‘’thick can be applied between 5-30 mm thick. After Application The surface is suggested to moistened at regular intervals within 24 hours.

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